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Private Gynaecologist London

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See A Consultant Specialist in Gynaecology in London


If you need to see a specialist, you can see a consultant in Gynaecology without any waiting lists at our private centre in London.


Get the peace of mind you need and see one of our experienced Gynaecologists and have a relaxed, unrushed appointment with plenty of time to go into detail about concerns you may have. We hand pick our medical experts, and you can self-pay, or use private medical insurance if you are a member.


It couldn't be easier to make an appointment, simply book online now to see a Consultant Gynaecologist in London, or call us.


What can a consultant gynaecologist help with?


Women's Health London has a highly experienced team of consultant gynaecologists to support women with a range of medical checks and assessments.


A consultation with a private consultant is an opportunity for you to discuss any of the symptoms or problems you’ve been experiencing, allowing them to suggest the best plan of action going forward.


Our team have a vast range of specialist interests meaning you’ll be able to speak to someone who understands exactly what you’re going through; just some of the conditions we can help you with include:


Cervical screening


A cervical screening test (also known as a smear test) is used to detect early changes to cervical cells which, if left untreated, could develop into cervical cancer in the future. We are able to perform cervical screenings outside of the NHS programme, allowing you to have a smear test sooner. The NHS only starts to screen women from the age of 25.




Our experts can advise on the full range of contraception options, whether you are looking to change contraception, have recently had a baby, require emergency contraception or would just like some general advice on preventing pregnancy.




Fibroids are benign growths which form in the womb lining, they are very common and don’t always cause symptoms. If you have symptoms including pain during intercourse, bloating or heavy periods then these could be symptoms of fibroids.


General gynaecology


If you have noticed anything unusual which you are worried about or if you just want to review your gynaecological health, our consultants can answer any questions, perform appropriate tests and give you tailored advice.




Although every woman goes through the menopause, it can be a very physically and emotionally demanding time. Our experts can create a personalised plan to help you cope with the effects of going through the menopause to make this huge change as manageable and as comfortable as possible for you.


Menstrual disorders


Our experts can diagnose the cause of and provide treatment for a range of menstrual disorders including irregular periods, heavy periods or non-existent periods.


Pelvic pain


Sudden or prolonged pain in the pelvic area can occur for a number of reasons but is often the result of a gynaecological issue such as a burst or twisted ovarian cyst, endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease.


Sterilisation and sterilisation reversal


Sterilisation (permanent contraception by tying or blocking the fallopian tubes) and the procedure reversal are usually done through a laparoscopy (keyhole surgery). Sterilisation reversal procedures are rarely available in the NHS.



Consultations, Investigations and Teatment within the Prestigous Portland Hospital



One Stop Gynae Health Assessment


Our Gynae Health Clinic aims to offer you fast access to a one-stop clinic for gynaecological health and consultant-led assessment.