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What to expect on your day of surgery


It is imperative that you do not eat or drink 6 hours before surgery as this can cause serious complications. You may, however, drink water up to 2 hours before surgery.

Immediately before the surgery you will be asked to remove any makeup, nail polish, jewellery, dentures or any other prostheses by a nurse on the ward you will be staying. You will also be asked to put on a patient gown.

The anaesthetist (the doctor inducing sleep and monitoring you during surgery) will run some final checks with you before the procedure. You will be escorted to the theatres by a nurse and asked to lie down in the anaesthetic room before the main operating theatre. The anaesthetist will insert an intravenous needle which will be used to introduce drugs and fluids into the bloodstream. Monitoring equipment (such as a pulse monitor on the finger) will also be placed. These are all virtually painless. When ready, the anaesthetist will add a drug through the intravenous needle to put you to sleep. A short time thereafter, you will be transferred to the main operating theatre. Immediately following surgery you will be taken to the recovery area where you should awaken. You will be monitored there for a short while and then transferred to the ward you arrived at. From there you are welcome to any refreshments available.


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