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Reconstructive Surgery


During Surgery Your skin will be washed with antiseptic and the surrounding area covered with sterile drapes, this ensures that the operating field is clean and sterile. This is generally done through the vaginal approach. Depending on the severity and type of prolapse it may involve a hysterectomy and repair of front/back walls of the vagina. A circular incision is made in the top of the vagina to core out the uterus. Separate vertical incisions are made on the vaginal walls to push the bladder and back passage back into their normal position. Strong supporting stitches are inserted and the skin is closed with dissolvable internal stitches. A small tampon type dressing known as a pack may also be inserted. After Surgery You will likely have to stay in hospital for 48 hours and the total recovery time will be around 6 weeks. Follow up will also be in 6 weeks.