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What is an ultrasound?


An ultrasound is a scan which uses high frequency sound waves to build up images of bodily structures. They are safe and do not use potentially harmful radiation as in X-rays and CT scans. It generally takes 15-30 minutes to perform, depending on the specific type of scan.

At the clinic, Generally speaking, you will need a full bladder during the test. Drinking around 2 pints of water an hour before the test is recommended You will be asked to change into a dressing gown for the scan.

For an abdominal scan you will simply have to lie on a couch while the scan takes place. The scan itself involves a gel being placed over the abdomen, over which a a probe called a transducer is applied to generate the image. It should be completely painless.

For a transvaginal scan the probe will be covered with gel and inserted into the lower part of your vagina known as the birth canal. This too, should be painless.

Miss Wilson aims to preserve patients' dignity and privacy as much as possible during these procedures.